Rihanna Goes Blonde for 2013!! 1

Google Plus Ladies, ladies, ladies! Rihanna went blonde. I suppose you’re going to say, “Duh. Talk about the blunt blonde bob, why don’t you? It turned out to be a wi…” My beauties, forgive me for interrupting you, but now it’s my turn to say, “Duh.” I know that was a wig. RiRi donned it for a photo shoot during her Camping with MAC cosmetics campaign. So no, that’s not what I’m going to talk about.

Rihanna Goes Blonde for 2013!! 2

Google Plus Rihanna has updated her 2013 lookbook with real blonde hair color this time. Well… Does the word real include weaves? Hmm… Weaves? Good question, Precious Reader. The color is real blonde, sure enough. What? Not what you asked. Right, good question. Okay… Here’s the answer. On May 14, the singer tweeted, “I woke up in a new….weave!” and later on the same day she showed off those new long blond locks while out and about with her BFF Melissa Forde in New York City. Now, do you understand? Real blonde, real extensions. Yeah? Okay, great! Then my work here is done. Yes, Stylisheves, mission accomplished. Now, tell us, please: Do you love those long blond locks or not?

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