The lovely natural black American women’s curly hair can be very unique and awesome to style if you know the different types of black women’s hairstyles. There is a plethora of hairstyles you can choose from for the naturally curly hair of black American Women and here are some of the most popular black women’s hairstyles you can choose from. The Curly Finger Twist Pixie Cut Simple, yet elegant, this pixie hairstyle forms small twisted strands around the head creating an awesome and charming hairstyle. The razor-cut sides and back further make your look neat and clean. Moreover, the hues of copper red enhance this pixie hairstyle creating an elegantly gorgeous look.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 1

The Cool Loose Curly Hair Pixie Hairstyle This cool loose curly hairstyle is a lovely way of sporting a curly pixie hairstyle. The loose short curls naturally populate the head creating a lovely look. Likewise, the short sides and back create very neat and captivating look which is quite charming and attractive.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 2

The Attractive Loose Curls Hairstyle There are two types of curly hair: the loose curly hair and the very tight kinky, curly hair. This curly hairstyle belongs to the loose curly hair. The loose curls are allowed to flow naturally up to the nape to create volume and texture. Lovely and appealing, this awesome loose curly hairstyle is quite interesting and engaging. You will definitely love to sport this awesome hairstyle.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 3

The Cool Auburn Pixie Hairstyle This lovely hairstyle is naturally attractive and captivating to look at. The choice of auburn color to amplify the look of this hairstyle is amazingly appropriate and fitting for this pixie cut. There is nothing more gorgeous than the natural curly hair sported in this manner.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 4

The Elegant Loose Curly Hairstyle Awesome and elegant, this lovely hairstyle is fittingly very attractive and gorgeous to look at. The natural loose curls in this pixie hairstyle allow a clear and charming glance at the face allowing the natural charm of the lady to come out. You will surely love to have this fantastic pixie cut.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 5

The Charming Messy Pixie Hairstyle This amazing pixie hairstyle is very alluring and attractive. The messy hair which defines this pixie hairstyle creates additional volume. Moreover, the short bangs allow a charming glance into one’s face. This is definitely a lovely and alluring pixie hairstyle for this straight black hair.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 6

The Wavy Bob Hairstyle We may not often include this hairstyle in the bob hairstyle’s category; but upon second look, it may be included among the bob hairstyles. The wavy hair is neither too curly nor too wavy and just right for a bob hairstyle. But it definitely portraits a different bob hairstyle because of the natural curls which further enhances it. Charming and elegant, this hairstyle is surely an interesting and lovely hairstyle for 2013.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 7

The Stylistic Wavy Hairstyle What word can you use to define this hairstyle? I think stylish and artistic would do the trick. Yes, this hairstyle is fantastically attractive because of the stylish and artistic wavy hair which plunges downward. This amazing hairstyle is definitely trendy and intriguing.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 8

The Beautiful Wavy and Coily Short Hairstyle This awesome hairstyle is fantastically charming and attractive. If this were a straight hair, it could have been called a bob hairstyle. Yet, it is wavy and coily and natural and attractive. This side-parted coily hairstyle has those cute and charming coily bangs which give it a very interesting look.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 9

The Wavy Pixie Hairstyle This awesome and fashionable hairstyle is defined by the lovely curls and wavy hair which give it more volume and texture. The razor-cut sides and back likewise create a contrast which is charming and glamorous. You will definitely love this gorgeous pixie cut.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 10

The Cool and Charming Bob Hairstyle Have you imagined having a bob hairstyle with a natural black women hair? Yet here, the hairstyle can be included among the bob hairstyle groups, save for the fact we can’t really categorized which bob hairstyles it does belong. However, the important thing about this awesome hairstyle is the charm and elegance it exudes. It is definitely very attractive and alluring to look at.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 11

The Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle This is a very interesting and intriguing asymmetrical bob hairstyle. How did it happen to be a bob cut? Well, I definitely consider it as an asymmetrical bob hairstyle because of the varying lengths of both front sides. Elegant and gorgeous, this hair arrangement is really alluring and bewitching to look at.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 12

The Asymmetrical Pixie Cut There is something lovely and attractive with this asymmetrical pixie hairstyle. The short side and back is further enhanced by the longer right front side. The varying lengths of the bangs likewise create a charming and engaging look which is quite lovely to behold. I would surely love to sport this very appealing hairstyle.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 13

The Pixie Hairstyle of Rihanna This awesome and glamorous hairstyle sported by Rihanna is definitely very fashionable and attractive. The asymmetrical bangs are very cute and alluring. Likewise, the arrangement of the bangs creates a distinctly lovely and enthralling look. You may want to try this amazing pixie cut.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 14

The Wavy Hairstyle of Keri Hilsons Cool and very attractive, this wavy hairstyle of Keri Hilsons creates a distinctly fashionable and trendy hairstyle. The wavy hair which flows naturally downward put a lot of texture to this captivating hairstyle. Likewise, the curly bangs which drop occasionally down the forehead is very attractive and pleasant to look at. You will definitely love to sport this awesome hairstyle.

Black Women and Short Hairstyles 15

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