Hello, pricey followers, do you actually miss Snooki’s black locks?! Yes, you do! Okay.. Let me inform you you could cease doing so from at this time on. Why?!! Ladies, no whys, the reason being so apparent. Aha, what you’re considering of is completely proper. The Reality star, Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, has stated massive goodbyes to the fiery pink hair tresses -which she’s been sporting since the previous few months of 2012- and welcome to the black ones. When did she do this?! A few days in the past.. So sure, it’s a recent, drastic makeover.. Why has she gone for a black hair colour? Is she making an attempt to deal with the hair dye developments of 2013 or what? Before answering this couple of questions, permit me to inform you a tiny factor. Which is? Umm. You need to know that Snooki’s hair isn’t completely black, I imply that it isn’t from A to Z black. Yeah, it isn’t, because the star has chosen to accent it with purple and purple ombre extensions. Can you think about the look? Stylish and funky, isn’t it?! Anyway, in regards to the questions, you must know that Polizzi has gone again to the darkish locks as a result of it was so troublesome for her as a brand new mother to take care of her purple ones each two weeks. I assume that now’s the time so that you can be happy and say what you actually consider Snook’s newly-dyed hair.

Snooki New Hair Color 2013 1

Snooki New Hair Color 2013 2

Snooki New Hair Color 2013 3

Snooki New Hair Color 2013 4

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