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shannonsartwerkk: The Goddess Next Door: ‘Miriam of Magdala’ aka Mary Magdalene ❤️⛪️ As found in the Essene teachings & gnostic gospels, Miriam was an Ethiopian woman who was Jesus’ counterpart and wife (essentially the feminine embodiment of Christ Consciousness). For me this narrative resonates way more than the dominant one about Mary Magdalene. The archetypes of the Magdalene include Unconditional Love, Loyalty, Sacred Feminine, and Wisdom. Happy Easter weekend!

Kim Hamilton (Sept. 12, 1932 – Sept. 16, 2013) was an African American actress who appeared onstage, in films and on television and was the wife of the late actor Werner Klemperer — Col. Klink on “Hogan’s Heroes” — at a time when mixed marriages were uncommon even in Hollywood. Hamilton portrayed Helen Robinson in 1962s To Kill a Mockingbird. Her long career on TV began as Andys girlfriend on Amos n Andy. She had roles on The Twilight Zone, Days of Our Lives, All in the Family & many more.