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Natural HairStyles – Learn to care for elegant natural hair, highlights for your coils and color. Do it yourself diy, on long or short twa styles, 4c, 4b, 4a, medium, dreadlocks, easy twists and protective styles, learn transition techniques through quick tutorials on our natural hair blog. Get curly hairstyles quick, braids with color, find natural hair products for wedding buns, simple idea for kids, mohawk, bantu knots.…

Alopecia by Daniel Regan: A long-term photographic portrait project of people affected by the autoimmune hair loss condition alopecia. The condition causes partial or total hair loss (eyebrows & lashes too) for unknown reasons & can affect people of all ages, backgrounds & genders. Hair regrowth may never occur. Shame is associated with alopecia, especially for women. Parts of the body that epitomize femininity in our society, are lost. Participants were photographed as they chose to be