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Olympic icon Florence Griffith Joyner, photographed by Irving Penn for Vogue in 1989. Ms. Griffith Joyner won 5 Olympic medals in her career (4 gold, 1 silver) and shattered two world records. The Los Angeles-born athletic superstar was also a superstar of style – designing her own trademark one-legged track suits and wearing brilliantly designed eye-catching nails that matched her outfits and quite often, the stars and stripes of the U.S. flag. Flo Jo died in 1998 at the age of 38

Alopecia by Daniel Regan: A long-term photographic portrait project of people affected by the autoimmune hair loss condition alopecia. The condition causes partial or total hair loss (eyebrows & lashes too) for unknown reasons & can affect people of all ages, backgrounds & genders. Hair regrowth may never occur. Shame is associated with alopecia, especially for women. Parts of the body that epitomize femininity in our society, are lost. Participants were photographed as they chose to be